OSL story app live on App store

2014 August 8
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by Mal

I worked on an iPad app earlier this year and it was approved to the app store in May. It is a showcase for Oslo airport in Norway and tells the story of the Airport and its operations. It can be downloaded from the app store here.

Battersea power station

2014 August 8
by Mal

Here is a video of an HTML 5 website that I worked on in 2013.  It was to showcase the Battersea Power station development in London.  Javascript was used to parse the results of the users search filters. jQuery was the main library in development.

The website triggers LED lights in the model for a specific apartment or play a scene when the user interface is left idle.  A video of the model with the scenes lighting can be seen here if you click on the arrow and select Battersea Apartment Finder.

Apartment finder application

2011 December 19
by Mal

Earlier this year, I developed a desktop application for Modelworks in south county Dublin.  This was achieved using Flash CS5 and a MVC framework.  It was developed for use on a touchscreen in tandem with a scale model, with lights highlighting the selection the user has chosen.  You can see a video of the completed project here.

The project was later adapted to be deployed on an iPad and was successfully submitted to the App store.  Adapting the project from desktop to mobile was quite straightforward using AIR for IOS.

Flash on the beach 2011

2011 September 30
by Mal

Flash on the beach Brighton rocked at Flash on the Beach 2011. The conference was a great mix of speakers on software development, design and inspiration.

Topics under discussion included AIR 3.0 and Stage 3D (molehill). Adobe had speakers on stage giving the lowdown on what we can expect from the next releases.  Stage 3D will give the Flash Player the equivalent graphics capability of the original Xbox.

Remy Sharp gave a talk on HTML 5.0, it’s strong points and it’s limitations.  He emphasised that it should be horses for courses when deciding whether to use Flash/Air or HTML 5.0 for a project.  Each has strengths and drawbacks in terms of compatibility.

There was plenty on offer for techies, designers and artists.  I’d recommend it for anybody thinking of going.  My early bird ticket cost £229 which was good value for a three day conference with plenty of choice.  Find out more @fotb.

Adobe Wallaby preview released

2011 March 10
by Mal

Adobe labs have released a preview version of their Wallaby software.  You can read more about it here.

It will allow you to convert Flash content to HTML 5.0.  The preview version will only let you convert simple swfs, animations and banners.  It cannot convert ActionScript at this stage.  It will be very interesting to see where this goes and it’s another great move by Adobe which should help to keep developers using their software and not switch to pure HTML 5.0 development.

Sweepstakes site goes live

2010 July 16
by Mal

I did some work on a flash website for The National Lottery Sweepstakes which has gone live. Click here to have a look at the final version. It uses to Facebook API to connect users with their own data and plug it into the site, personalising their user experience.

Joebot Flash game nominated for Excellence award

2010 June 22
by Mal

Earlier this year I worked on a Flash game to show accessibility in buildings. This game was made for South Dublin County Council and I worked with Kavaleer productions and Areaman.tv in developing it.
“Joebot’s access all areas” has been nominated for a Chambers Ireland Excellence in Local Government Awards 2010 in the Outstanding Customer Service Award category. You can view the finished game here.

Flash vs HTML 5.0

2010 June 17
by Mal

Here is a very interesting discussion on the capabilities of Flash and HTML 5.0. It’s slanted from a flash perspective but gives a good rundown of the history nonetheless.

Flash on mobile devices

2010 April 30
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by Mal

In the wake of Apple’s Adobe statement it doesn’t look like Flash will ever make it onto the iPhone or iPad. So that leaves Flash/Flex developers looking at other mobile platform, like Android. In this video Flash CS5 shows it’s mobile multitouch functionality, simulated through Adobe Device Central.

Opera mini browser

2010 April 18
by Mal

I downloaded the new Opera mini browser for my iPhone this week. It had been billed as having much faster download speeds than Safari on an iPhone and it’s lived up to its billing so far. However, it doesn’t appear to remember your url over sessions so you have to start from scratch when you relaunch the application, unlike Safari. This may change when iPhone OS 4.0 comes out this summer as it will enable multitasking.
You can download Opera here.